Ophir Sour (serves two)
Ophir Sour (serves two)

Ophir Sour (serves two)

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The Continental Sour was sometimes known as the Southern Whiskey Sour - a cocktail concocted in Chicago that dates back to the 1880s. Ironically, it found fame during the Prohibition in New York's speakeasies, and later came to be adopted as the New York Sour.

We pay tribute to this classic with a modern Asian twist, adding a hint of lemongrass and a smooth fruitiness of our homemade cerise cold-pressed vinum. The Ophir Sour hits home with tarty and fruity notes, and progresses into a dark whiskey-emboldened body of citrusy freshness.

Each DIY kit (serves two) contains:

  • Bourbon
  • Lemongrass-extraction Citric Gomme
  • Cerise Cold-pressed Vinum
  • Egg White Solution
  • Cocktail Recipe Card


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