[SOLD OUT] Uncle Mark's Cheng Tng (serves two)

[SOLD OUT] Uncle Mark's Cheng Tng (serves two)

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Cheng Tng is a familiar popular local dessert that packs a punch. Literally translated as “clear soup”, this refreshingly sweet bowl of goodness originated as a nutritious dessert from our Teochew forefathers.

Growing up with fond memories of hot days cooled by the delicious flavours of his grandmother's Cheng Tng, our master mixologist, Mark set out to brew a nostalgic and nourishing concoction inspired by traditional ingredients listed in his grandmother's scrapbook, to make this soulful, invigorating cuban rum-based cocktail.

Each DIY kit (serves two) contains:

  • Handcrafted Sterculia-infused Rum
  • Handcrafted Wolfberry-Citric Gomme
  • Grandma's Cheng Tng Brew
  • Cocktail Recipe Card


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