[VDay Specials] Be(e) my Date!
[VDay Specials] Be(e) my Date!

[VDay Specials] Be(e) my Date!

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A cocktail in celebration of friendship & life, this tipple takes the palate on a tarty-sweet-bitter-refreshing journey...

Fresh citrus with hints of red dates & honey sweetness opens the palate on the first sip, then progresses into an enjoyable herbaceous-floral-bitterness of gin and elderflower tonic. The cocktail rounds off with a wholesome bouquet of tarty pomegranate for a delicious finish.

DIY kit (serves two) contains:

  • Roku Gin
  • Homemade Honeycomb Date Gomme
  • Homemade Citrus Pomegranate
  • Egg White Solution
  • Bitter Orange & Elderflower Tonic

DIY kit comes with:

  • Gift Box
  • 5" foiled balloon

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